The Awesome Adventures of Poppy and Amelia by Maddy Harrisis & Misha Herwin @MishaHerwin @penkhullpress

The Awesome Adventures of Poppy and Amelia 

12 Nov. 2020

by Maddy Harrisis & Misha Herwin


Poppy and Amelia didn’t set out to be witches. That happened quite by accident, and it’s a secret they must keep from their family and friends.

Then there is Mia, the new girl in class. Pale, strange and deadly serious, she’s in need of a couple of equally weird friends.

Poppy and Amelia are happy to oblige.

Together, the three of them must thwart the plans of the sinister Miss Mortimer and her evil companions.

This is the start of the awesome adventures of Poppy and Amelia!

Maddy Harrisis, author
Misha Herwin, author

All profits from sales of “The Awesome Adventures of Poppy and Amelia” will go to Leukaemia Research and here is why…. Posy Miller, Misha’s daughter and Maddy’s aunt, died of the disease aged 31. Treatment has come a long way since early 2000 but they want to do anything they can to raise money for research so that one day a cure can be found.

Posy Miller

I’m sure you’ll all agree that this is a more than worthy cause.

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Hopefully everyone who sees it will buy a copy (or a few!).

Where The Silent Screams Are Loudest: A Missing Girl… A Serial Killer… Eleven Long Years… by John Pye @CathedralOfLies

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Where The Silent Screams Are Loudest: A Missing Girl… A Serial Killer… Eleven Long Years…

The old police station’s deep basement holds many secrets. Ghosts lurk among the cold case files down there – victims whose stories have never reached their ending – silent screams waiting to penetrate the mind of a lone visitor and invade the imagination.
When teenager Poppy Hunt disappeared on her way home from school in the summer of 2008 detectives were left baffled, the girl had vanished into thin air.
Missing Persons cases are never closed, but after several months with no new leads the enquiry team was disbanded. Ultimately, the file made its way down to the lower levels and became yet another cold case.
Annie Shephard, Poppy’s favourite classmate, now herself a teacher, never forgot her special pal, but memories of those fun filled days were slowly fading. Almost eleven years had gone by when a young face in the midst of her new pupils stopped her in her tracks and threw her back in time.
Livewire private genealogy specialist and self-professed DNA detective, Madeleine Scott, didn’t want to step on detectives’ toes, but knew she’d hit on a clue to the girl’s disappearance.
Detective Sergeant Eve Brenan’s scepticism about Scott turns into jaw-dropping incredulity as the pieces of a terrifying jigsaw slot into place. The spotlight is swung back onto the Poppy Hunt case after eleven long years and it’s soon clear that there’s more than one awful puzzle to investigate.
The world of family tree research joins forces with high-tech forensics and good old-fashioned detective work in an investigation which becomes more chilling with each day.
Stress and anger levels peak as police infighting and ego trips threaten to destroy progress. True to life characters act out their parts as edge of the seat action combines with humour and the possibility of a romance.
An accumulation of horrendous facts bring the story to an action packed and mind jarring conclusion.


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