Winter Light by Martha Engber @MarthaEngber  2021 IPPY Gold Medal Winner in Young Adult Fiction

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant book – a fully immersive experience” – Amazon reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars Heart breaking and absorbing” – Amazon reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read….an absolute education in complexity” – Amazon reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars An absolute triumph!” – Amazon reviewer

“5.0 out of 5 stars – Warning: You won’t be able to put Winter Light down. Sleep will be missed.” – Amazon reviewer

“5.0 out of 5 stars – Realistic, haunting” – Amazon reviewer

“5.0 out of 5 stars – A fantastic book well worth the read” – Amazon reviewer

2021 IPPY Gold Medal Winner in Young Adult Fiction

Winter Light

by Martha Engber

WINTER LIGHT is the story of 15-year-old Mary Donahue of suburban Chicago, a kid on the cusp of failure during the brutal blizzard winter of 1978-79, the end of a hard luck, hard rock era sunk in the cynical aftermath of the Vietnam War.

The language of WINTER LIGHT is simple and stark as Mary’s internal landscape. Though a smart, beautiful kid, she’s a motherless girl raised by an uneducated, alcoholic father within an extended family of alcoholics and addicts. Aware that she’s sinking, she’s desperate to save herself and so reaches out to an unlikely source, Kathleen, a nice, normal kid from English class.

But when the real storm hits, the full force of a harsh adult world almost buries Mary. Only then does she learn that the only difference between life and death is knowing when to grasp an extended hand.


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Martha Engber is the author of WINTER LIGHT, a 2021 IPPY Gold Medal Winner in Young Adult Fiction, which enjoys 5-star reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. She’s also the author of THE WIND THIEF, a novel, and GROWING GREAT CHARACTERS, a resource for writers. She’s had a play produced in Hollywood and fiction and poetry published in the Aurorean, Watchword, the Berkeley Fiction Review, and other journals. A freelance editor, workshop facilitator and speaker, she lives in California with her husband, bike, and surfboard.






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Perfect for Halloween! Echoes Of Home and Amongst The Mists by M. L. Rayner @M_L_Rayner

Perfect for Halloween!

By M. L. Rayner

Echoes Of Home: A Ghost Story

After accepting a generous opportunity to start afresh, Leslie Wills, a young man from Stoke-on-Trent, eagerly begins his long-distance journey to the Scottish Highlands of Elphin, a settled village that sits huddled amongst the dominating mountains. Its people are welcoming, and the beauty of the land is great. But deep within its Highland paths, a location rests hidden from the public’s eye. A location which entices you to learn the truth of its troubled past. But once you bear witness to its sights and sounds, its presences will never allow you to forget.
Uncover the truth, Journeying back to a forgotten time. With a plot full of secrets and suspicion that will leave you longing for answers.

“5.0 out of 5 stars – I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down.” – Amazon reviewer.


Amongst The Mists

It was the most anticipated summer break of their young lives.
For Bran Lampshire, that summer of 1986 would be far different. The lure of a wilderness adventure sends him and his friends on a troublesome journey that would see them far from home and into the isolated shadows of the Sleathton Estate. In a forgotten land where nature thrives, an unexplained mist settles upon the shaded grounds. And stories were told of events so chilling, they were forcibly buried over time.
Lose yourself beneath the endless trees. And discover that legends are sometimes so much more than ghost stories.

“5.0 out of 5 stars – Chilling, creepy, enthralling, atmospheric.” – Amazon reviewer.

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Partner Pursuit (New York Friendship Book 1) by Kathy Strobos @KathyStrobos

5.0 out of 5 stars Very enjoyable!

5.0 out of 5 stars A contemporary romance

5.0 out of 5 stars feel-good romance set in the Big Apple


Partner Pursuit (New York Friendship Book 1)

by Kathy Strobos

When a workaholic lawyer meets a fun-loving music marketing executive for opposites attract, friends-to-lovers adventures, which partnership will she choose?

Workaholic lawyer Audrey Willems is not going to take any chances with her bid to become a partner at her New York law firm—especially with only six months until the decision.

Until she bumps into Jake—her new neighbor. Jake is a fun-loving music marketing executive who might just be The One.

He’s funny, caring, supportive—and able to kill water bugs in the bathroom.

But Jake will never date a woman married to her job. His father was a workaholic lawyer who never had time for family.

And she’s just got the case of a lifetime—the one she needs to win to make partner. Working 24/7 at the office may not even be enough hours to pull off a victory.

If only she had not met him now.

Audrey is determined to prove that she can juggle work and romance—even if managing court cases, candlelit dinners, and bike rides around Manhattan is a lot harder than it looks. She keeps canceling dates for yet another case crisis.

But when making partner is like a game of musical chairs and the last seat is a business-class alone, which partnership will she choose?

Available now on #Amazon #Kindle #Paperback

Kathy Strobos Author (Amazon)

Kathy Strobos is a writer living in New York City with her husband and two children, amid a growing collection of books, toys and dollhouses. She grew up in New York City and graduated from Stuyvesant High School, Harvard-Radcliffe University and Columbia Law School. She previously worked as a lawyer. She left law to pursue her dream of writing fiction full-time and getting in shape. She is still working on getting in shape.

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In support of Marie Curie Nurses…. Together Behind Four Walls compiled by Francis H Powell @Dreamheadz

Looking for a good read whilst also supporting a very worth charity?

Together Behind Four Walls

Compiled by Francis H Powell

With the sudden arrival of Covid 19 and the introduction of a lockdown, many people might have wondered how they would spend their time.

Writers, poets, and artists decided to express their feelings in words and pictures during this turbulent period. From humour to deep thoughts Together Behind Four Walls captures the many facets of the human spirit during the pandemic.

Proceeds from the book will go to Marie Curie nurses who continued their great work during this crisis. The book indeed will give all funds raised to palliative care charity Marie Curie.

The book was the idea of writer and teacher Francis H Powell.

As the world first went into lockdown in March 2020, father-of-one Mr Powell turned to poetry, writing short stories, and doing drawings to help “process what was happening”.

This, he says, sparked the idea for creating an anthology of Covid-inspired writing that would explore the collective concept of confinement and the “many facets of the human spirit during the pandemic”.

The book includes some well-known contributors including:

Wendy Cope

Roger Robinson

Peter Finch

John Hegley

Arthur Smith

Neal Zetter

Sally Kindberg

The book also includes other contributors from round the world.

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Freecycling for Beginners by Misha Herwin @MishaHerwin


“A story of paying it forward. An interesting, entertaining read with a message.”

Freecycling for Beginners

by Misha Herwin

The time has come for Jane to sell the family home. Downsizing to a flat means everything must go, but her late husband’s favourite chair is far too precious for the tip. Meanwhile Robyn, balancing her precarious career as a portrait artist with raising an autistic son, is searching for a chair with panache that will allow her sitters to pose in comfort. Elsewhere in the city, Tracey is clearing out her wardrobe at the same moment that divorced and cash-strapped Debbie is frantically seeking a prom dress for her daughter. None of these women have ever met until Freecycle brings them together — and their lives are about to be changed in ways they could never have imagined.

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Reviews/Recommendations from featured authors

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– Author Elliott Fassbinder (Wayne Lincoln)

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“If you have got as far as writing a book, you will know how difficult that is. However, to get to the point where it is being read you need publicity. I have been delighted with the service offered by Bowen’s Book Publicity in getting my book noticed.”

– Dr. Jeff Allan

The Addiction Manifesto by JR Weaver @jrweaver0

2020 International Book Awards Finalist for Health: Addiction & Recovery

“Some people won’t believe in you, and that’s ok, this journey isn’t about them. It’s about you.”

JR Weaver

The Addiction Manifesto has been uniquely designed to provide you with a new perspective on recovery and will show you that anything is possible. In this deeply personal book, JR Weaver has crafted a raw insight into his life and how he’s been affected by substance abuse over the past 20 years. He details his recovery process and how he’s dealt with loss.
With this book he wishes to help people on their journey to recovery. His realistic approach details his journey to try to have a normal life again.
If you’re going through addiction recovery or want to help someone who is… This book allows you to gain a greater understanding of substance abuse and its many challenges.

Available on #Amazon #Kindle #KindleUnlimited #Paperback

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“5.0 out of 5 stars 

A wonderful memoir of true recovery!

This is an amazing read! It’s a wonderful memoir of a military veteran’s struggle with addiction and his road to recovery! I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with addiction, or who has a loved one struggling with addiction. It takes a look into the addict’s perspective and allows the reader to understand the fight towards sobriety. Amazing!” – Amazon reviewer

“5.0 out of 5 stars 

Real Talk from somebody that’s battled addiction

Loved it!! But then my opinion is biased because I wrote it ❤️ This book saved me, and I hope it saves you too! Addiction is a beast, it’s powerful and doesn’t want to lose its power over you. Too many times during our active addiction we felt alone and hopeless, we were on the brink of giving up but when I say there is a way to get back our lives, to get back our families and to live a life free from our active addiction. I am living proof that no matter how far down you may be right now, you can beat this active addiction!! I believe in what I wrote will touch many people’s lives and help them get on the right path to recovery!! 😇”

“5.0 out of 5 stars 

I have a brother who has been an addict for probably close to it even exceeding 15 years. I’ve watched him do a downward spiral, losing all but his life, pretty much. I haven’t spoken to him in a few years because I really don’t get it, this book helps to see a few things from a different perspective that I never would have thought, thank you!!!! Congratulations on your sober journey this far.” – Amazon reviewer

“5.0 out of 5 stars 

Incredible book

This book is so inspiring! I love learning and understanding how people level up in their lives to make their lives better!” – Amazon reviewer

About the author….

Army Veteran JR Weaver Chronicles His Journey to Recovery in The Addiction Manifesto Talented author and army veteran, JR Weaver, shares his experience battling addiction in his book titled The Addiction Manifesto JR Weaver is an army veteran and person in long-term recovery who is passionate about the health and wellness of others as he is set to release his book titled The Addiction Manifesto. The author is looking to assist millions of people in different parts of the world through their journey to recovery as he details his experience and struggles with the hope of championing a global recovery revolution. Substance abuse and addiction remain a major plague that has continued to generate a lot of conversation across the globe due to its effect on people as well as its impact on the economies of nations. Unfortunately, recent statistics have shown a worrisome increase in the number of people suffering from addiction. According to a recent report published by the World Health Organization, about 270 million people, approximately 5.5% of the global population aged between 15 and 64, used psychoactive drugs with an estimated 35 million people suffering from drug use disorders and over 180 thousand deaths linked to drug use disorders in 2019. Unfortunately, many of the available addiction recovery resources are seemingly abstract, ultimately failing to yield the desired results. However, JR Weaver aims to change this narrative with the release of The Addiction Manifesto. The author personifies the recovery process, delivering an immersive experience to readers, as he writes about the trials and tribulations he faced during early recovery. JR Weaver aims to highlight the inherent powers of self-belief and how the personal desire to quit drug abuse remains the biggest obstacle to embracing a healthier, happier life. Published by Palmetto Publishing, The Addiction Manifesto initially started as a journal to help the author stay sober before he eventually decided to share his journey with the world as a self-help guide for persons in recovery as well as their loved ones. The book contains easy-to-implement yet effective tips that will help readers own their lives and become responsible members of the society. JR Weaver has already started to receive recognition from different quarters, emerging as a finalist at the 2020 International Book Awards in the Health: Addiction & Recovery category. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Remember When You Loved Me? by Margaret Holbrook @mgth6

Barbara is missing diary dates, forgetting appointments. Her friends and family are worried. Something’s wrong but no-one wants to think of the ‘D’ word, least of all Barbara.

Remember When You Loved Me?

by Margaret Holbrook 

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Margaret has received awards for several of her plays, in October 2012, she was a finalist at the Ovation Theatre Awards with her short play, Soup for Starters, receiving an Honourable Mention.
Her short story Pig Man, was shortlisted in the 2015 Cheshire Prize for Literature and is published in Patches of Light, the Cheshire Prize anthology.
Margaret’s poems and short stories have been published in several anthologies and magazines.

Margaret lives in Cheshire where she grew up.
Before writing finally found its way to the fore she worked variously as a sales assistant, bookkeeper and at one point ran her own floristry business.
When she’s not writing Margaret enjoys reading, walking, gardening and visiting bookshops.

She is a member of the SWWJ (Society of Women Writers and Journalists)

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Happy Publication Day, Malcolm Havard! @MalHavardWriter

Happy Publication Day to Malcolm Havard!

Three Brothers (The Three Brothers Trilogy Book 1)

by Malcolm Havard 

Set between 1910 and 1919, Three Brothers is a story of family rivalry and jealousy complicated by a love triangle where world events pit the protagonists against each other.
Growing up in Argentina, cousins Felix and Ted’s world is disrupted by the arrival of Maxine (Max). An accident that Ted blames Felix for sees Ted sent to school in the US. War in 1914 increases Ted’s isolation; when the US declares war in 1917, Felix flees to his father’s homeland, Germany whilst Ted volunteers for the British in Canada.
By September 1918, Felix a gifted engineer, is flying the best aircraft in the world and is in love with Max. But his country is facing defeat and she loves is his cousin who flies for the enemy.
Will he betray his homeland to help her keep Ted alive?

Available now on #Amazon #Kindle #KindleUnlimited

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#book #bookpromotion #newrelease #newtrilogy #bookone #bookpublicity #bowensbookpublicity #socialmediamarketingservice #sharingthebooklove @malcolm.havard

About the author….

Malcolm grew up in Sheffield, has lived and worked in Australia and the Middle-East but now lives in Crewe in Cheshire, England. He is a prolific and award-wining author who writes both novels and short fiction. He has, in the past, worked in a variety of genres.

Despite the variety, all have a similar DNA containing strong, often flawed but believable characters and telling great stories. His current body of work include the mountaineering thriller, The Last Mountain, a 1950s Spy novel, Contrail and Touched, a haunting novel about love and loneliness.

He has now found a niche writing historical fiction usually with an aviation background. He has published bestselling stories about WW1 and Hurricane Season, a blend of fiction and non-fiction stories and features centered around the legendary aircraft, the Hawker Hurricane.

The next few years seem sure to be very busy with a number of book launches. The first will be LMF.

The LMF of the title refers to ‘Lack of Moral Fibre’, a disciplinary sanction available to RAF’s Bomber Command in WW2 – effectively a finding of cowardice. This was inflicted on crews who were under intense strain in increasingly hazardous skies – some of whom almost certainly were suffering from mental illness – and applied by officers who were very young and relatively inexperienced. The novel LMF concentrates on the experiences of a single heavy bomber crew on one night in February 1944.

LMF will be followed by two more novels, Eleven Days, set around ‘Bloody April’ in 1917 and ‘Three Brothers’, the first of a trilogy which will cover the turbulent period from 1910 to 1939.

Caroline James @CarolineJames12

Caroline James (Twitter author image)

Caroline James Amazon Author Page:

Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy & Me: A feel-good romantic comedy you need to read

by Caroline James (Author) 

Alli Smith (Illustrator)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A genuinely warm feel-good story
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I LOVED this book
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Funny, sad, a perfect page-turner
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Couldn’t put it down!

Jo’s romance with the gypsy began with his first kiss, she never forgot it…

When Jo Edmond’s husband runs off with their nanny and disappears into a Spanish sunset, Jo resolves to make a new life with her baby son. She impulsively purchases Kirkton House a run-down guest house and with the help of a colourful cast of characters, establishes a thriving country house hotel. Jo opens the hotel during Fair Week, a famous 300-year-old gypsy tradition, hated by the locals and loved by every tinker and traveller in the country. Romance is the last thing on her mind until the enigmatic John Doherty walks into her life…

Assisted by Hattie, a local woman who becomes a friend, Jo’s business succeeds and a new Jo emerges, attracting the attention of every man who comes within her radar. In Fair Week, Jo’s errant husband turns up and begins a campaign to win her back but Black Monday is looming, the stock market crashes, and tourism dries up. With difficult days ahead Jo has to reinvent her business to survive.

“Caroline James has a real gift for writing and has done an outstanding job with her debut novel. Keeping it real she has brought in facets of life that we all have to deal with, everything needed for a satisfying read for women – amusing, colourful, and even tear-jerking at times.”

“I found this story engaging from page one and enjoyed this delightful weekend read right to the last page. I warmed to all the characters, 5 stars!” Dizzycblogspot

“I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a heartwarming story sprinkled with intrigue, 5*” NetGalley Review

Available on #Amazon #Kindle #KindleUnlimited

Coffee Tea The Chef & Me: Celebrity Chefs exposed in a hilarious drama

“Five big fat (Michelin) stars for this book!” NetGalley

Mix together…

A tough-cookie, media agent who’s clawed her way to the top and a con-man, who wants to open a cookery school.
Add in a washed-up celebrity chef whose career needs re-building…

Flavour with…

An aging rock star – fresh from rehab, and a Sloane Ranger food writer who gets her own TV show…

Bring to the boil:

At a Gourmet Food Festival, in Ireland, where anything goes!

When media agent, Hilary Hargreaves, travels to Ireland to look at a campaign for a new cookery school, she meets a blast from her past – the romantic but reckless chef, Mickey Lloyd, who is hell-bent on resurrecting his flagging career. Her tough demeanour is rocked, as it becomes apparent that Mickey’s intentions involve more than a stint behind a stove in his quest to pursue her. But as plans for the school gain momentum, she realises that she’s developing more than a passing interest in reformed alcoholic, Long Tom Hendry, who owns the crumbling old mansion where the school will be homed. Hilary has many ingredients to juggle, with her demanding client list, which looks set to boil over if she doesn’t keep control. From London’s bustling, Soho, to Southern Ireland and the sunny shores of the Caribbean, has Hilary got too much on her plate, and is she really prepared to risk it all for love?

“A fabulous story, it made me shriek with laughter and I loved every twist and turn! And so much of it could be only too true. One of my favourite reads.” Valentina Harris, Author, Chef & International Cookery School Host.

“Caroline James has spun a tale that is enjoyable, funny, charming, believable and page-turning.” Nigel May, TV Personality & Author

“AbFab meets MasterChef in a Soap, 5 stars.” Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog

Available on #Amazon #Kindle #KindleUnlimited

Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean & Me: A heart-warming feel-good read of friendship and love 

From Cumbria to the Caribbean…

Travel to Barbados with Jo and Hattie…

Flying solo again in their middle years, can life really begin again for Jo and Hattie? Is there hope for the newly single baby boomers and can romance happen?

Continuing the Coffee Tea… series, join Jo and Hattie as they romp into their future and prove that anything is possible!

“A story about friendship and loss…is there hope for those of a certain age?”

‘The time to be happy is now…’ Jo remembers her late husband’s words but is struggling to face the lonely future that lies ahead. A heartbroken widow, Jo finds herself alone with ghostly memories at Kirkton House – a Cumbrian Manor that until recently, she ran as a thriving hotel. Her two sons have moved away, Jimmy to run a bar in Barbados, and Zach to London to pursue a career as a celebrity chef. Middle-age and widowhood loom frighteningly and Jo determines to sell up and start again, despite protestations from colourful friend, Hattie and erstwhile admirer Pete Parks.

Hattie convinces Jo to postpone any life-changing decisions by enjoying a Caribbean holiday but their holiday sets off a course of events that brings mayhem and madness to Jo and her family. Confused and anxious for her future, can life really begin again for Jo?

Coffee Tea The Caribbean & Me was a finalist at The Write Stuff – London Book Fair 2015. The judge’s comments included, “Caroline is a wonderful story-teller with a gift for humour in her writing.”

Caroline’s books are stand-alone stories, but characters do make appearances throughout. The best order to read them is:

Coffee Tea The Gypsy & Me
Coffee Tea The Chef & Me
Coffee Tea The Caribbean & Me
Jungle Rock
The Best Boomerville Hotel
Boomerville at Ballymegille
Hattie Goes and o Hollywood

Available on #Amazon #Kindle #KindleUnlimited

Jungle Rock: Reality TV exposed in a hilarious comedy drama 

“If you’re looking for a highly entertaining story, look no further.”
Linda’s Book Bag

“Another really good book from Caroline James.”
Rachel’s Random Reads

“A fun romantic read – 5 stars!”
My Chestnut Reading Tree

A romantic comedy novella
by Caroline James

Handsome young chef Zach Docherty is feeling the heat. Following an exposé in a national newspaper, his fiancée Poppy Dunlop has broken their engagement. Heartbroken at the thought of life without Poppy, Zach drowns his sorrows and, when his agent suggests that Zach becomes a contestant in a reality TV show, Jungle Survival, he reluctantly agrees. Plunged deep in the jungle, into a bizarre mix of talent and trials, Zach meets glamour model Cleo Petra, and the cameras go crazy.
Will Zach survive and be crowned Jungle King? Or will his latest exploits push Poppy further away…

Caroline’s books are all stand-alone stories but some characters do make appearances throughout. You might also enjoy:

Coffee Tea The Gypsy & Me
Coffee Tea The Chef & Me
Coffee Tea The Caribbean & Me

“Caroline is a natural story teller with a gift for humour in her writing.”
Finalist, The Write Stuff, London Book Fair

Available on #Amazon #Kindle #KindleUnlimited

The Best Boomerville Hotel: A feel good, witty read and perfect for anytime of the year!

A fabulously funny read from Caroline James. You won’t want to put this book down.

Let the shenanigans begin at the Best Boomerville Hotel …
Jo Docherty and Hattie Contaldo have a vision – a holiday retreat in the heart of the Lake District exclusively for guests of ‘a certain age’ wishing to stimulate both mind and body with new creative experiences. One hotel refurbishment later and the Best Boomerville Hotel is open for business!

Perhaps not surprisingly Boomerville attracts more than its fair share of eccentric clientele: there’s fun-loving Sir Henry Mulberry and his brother Hugo; Lucinda Brown, an impoverished artist with more ego than talent; Andy Mack, a charming Porsche-driving James Bond lookalike, as well as Kate Simmons, a woman who made her fortune from an internet dating agency but still hasn’t found ‘the One’ herself.

With such an array of colourful individuals there’s bound to be laughs aplenty, but could there be tears and heartbreak too and will the residents get more than they bargained for at Boomerville?

What people are saying about The Best Boomerville Hotel:

This is a brilliant 5-star story. The writing is modern and fresh. I found the Boomerville Hotel a fantastic and memorable setting with many likeable characters. Each guest had their own story which had an ending in the book, always a big plus. Susan D, reader.

I need to go to a place like this! Quirky characters, right up my street, I really enjoyed the
Cal Sleath, Birmingham.

‘I really wish I could check into Boomerville and participate in the courses. I loved this book,
it is a great read. Thanks to the author for bringing the crazy characters to life – I can’t wait
for the next book.
 Ronnie Montgomory, London

The Best Boomerville Hotel audio

Boomerville at Ballymegille: Feel-good, funny, heartwarming – perfect for anytime of the year!



Join Hattie and Jo as they head to Southern Ireland to open Boomerville Manor, a holiday retreat for guests of ‘a certain age’. There’s Irish craic and shenanigans aplenty for the colourful cast of characters as everyone gathers for the grand opening.

Meet Melissa, an ex-cabaret singer running from her abusive husband, and Bill, a bachelor bullied from beyond the grave by the ghostly voice of his mother. Along with local bobby Harry the Helmet, ageing aquatic team the Boomerville Babes, eccentric artist Lucinda Gray, and heartthrob Finbar Murphy, they gather in Ireland and the fun begins. But murder is in the air and there’s mischief afoot. Will the residents get more than they bargained for at Boomerville?

Set in the beautiful Irish countryside, ‘Boomerville at Ballymegille’ is a heart-warming story of friendship, fears and new beginnings.

What the reviewers are saying:

“Where to start in describing this fabulousness. There is never a dull or slow moment in this book. Boomerville at Ballymegille is a really fun and entertaining story, with a few more serious storylines in amongst it. I left the book incredibly happy and with regrets that I ran out of pages so fast while I was enjoying myself so much.” Rachel’s Random Reviews

Available on #Amazon #Kindle #Paperback #Audio #KindleUnlimited      

Boomerville at Ballymegille audio

Hattie Goes to Hollywood: Romance, shenanigans & mystery from Caroline James 

From the author of The Best Boomerville Hotel

What reviewers say:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I LOVE these books- more please!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Brilliant writing, brilliant read

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I couldn’t put it down!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Caroline writes quite beautifully

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Perfect escape reads

A Cumbrian Village…
Three suicides…
A red-hot summer…

Join super-sleuth Hattie as tempers and temperatures rise in the Cumbrian village of Hollywood. With mischief, romance and shenanigans aplenty, will Hattie discover the truth?

When recently bereaved Hattie Mulberry inherits her aunt’s dilapidated cottage in the village of Hollywood in Cumbria, she envisages a quiet life. But retired hotelier Hattie is bored and when her neighbour asks her to investigate a suspicious suicide, Hattie’s career takes a new direction and H&H Investigations is born. During the hottest summer for years, Hattie discovers there have been three recent suicides in Hollywood and she determines to find out why. Temperatures rise as she throws herself into village life and, with mischief, romance and shenanigans aplenty, Hattie has her work cut out. But will she establish the truth?

“5 Stars! I loved everything about this book! This is a book you want to buy and enjoy as soon as it comes out!” Tessa Talks Books

“Great sleuthing, faultless settings, interesting characters & a super fun read.” BR Maycock Book Reviews

“A brilliant read – 5 big fat stars!” Nikki Ashton #1 Bestselling Author

“A highly enjoyable book in a brand-new series, I am loving this cast of characters – 5 stars!” Rachel’s Random Reviews

“Caroline carefully balances fun and humour with mystery and intrigue.” Goodreads review

Available on #Amazon #Kindle #Paperback #Audiobook #KindleUnlimited       

Hattie Goes to Hollywood audio

Caroline James always wanted to write but instead of taking a literary route, she followed a career in the hospitality industry, which included owning a pub and a beautiful country house hotel. When she finally glued her rear to a chair and began to write the words flowed, and several novels later she has gained many best-seller badges for her books. When she’s not writing, Caroline likes to climb mountains, eat anchovies and sip gin. She also runs a consultancy business. A member of the Romantic Novelists Association and the Society of Women’s Writers & Journalists, Caroline writes short stories and articles, contributing to many publications.

Caroline’s latest novel is Boomerville at Ballymegille which is followed by Hattie Goes to Hollywood.

Caroline’s hilarious novel, The Best Boomerville Hotel has been depicted as ‘Britain’s answer to the Best Marigold Hotel – A fabulous read!’. Her debut novel: Coffee, Tea the Gypsy & Me went straight to #3 on Amazon and was E-book of the Week in The Sun. Coffee Tea the Caribbean & Me is a Top Recommended Read by Thomson Holidays. Coffee Tea the Chef & Me is described by one reviewer as: “AbFab Meets MasterChef in a Soap” and Caroline’s popular novella, Jungle Rock, follows a handsome chef, Zach Docherty as he steps into a TV reality show.

Contact Caroline:

twitter: @carolinejames12
Facebook: Caroline James Author

Reviews for Caroline’s books:

“Caroline is a natural story-teller with a gift for humour in her writing.” The Write Stuff, London Book Fair.

“A fabulous Story, it made me shriek with laughter and I loved every twist and turn.” Valentina Harris, Author, Chef and International Cookery School Host.

“Caroline James has spun a tale that is enjoyable, funny, charming, believable and page-turning.” Nigel May, TV Personality & Author

“You’ll go NUTS about this book!” Andrew Nutter, Celebrity Chef.

“A strong plot with likeable characters makes it a great read.” Ebook of the week – The Sun:

“Caroline writes quite beautifully – great descriptions, vividly drawn characters, sparkling humour, a touch of real sadness – this book was the perfect escape.”

“A thoroughly enjoyable read that takes you from the loneliness of single life in the wet UK through to the magic of the Caribbean. An indulgent feast of the best things in life – sun, rum, fun, love and laughter.”