The Addiction Manifesto by JR Weaver @jrweaver0

2020 International Book Awards Finalist for Health: Addiction & Recovery

“Some people won’t believe in you, and that’s ok, this journey isn’t about them. It’s about you.”

JR Weaver

The Addiction Manifesto has been uniquely designed to provide you with a new perspective on recovery and will show you that anything is possible. In this deeply personal book, JR Weaver has crafted a raw insight into his life and how he’s been affected by substance abuse over the past 20 years. He details his recovery process and how he’s dealt with loss.
With this book he wishes to help people on their journey to recovery. His realistic approach details his journey to try to have a normal life again.
If you’re going through addiction recovery or want to help someone who is… This book allows you to gain a greater understanding of substance abuse and its many challenges.

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“5.0 out of 5 stars 

A wonderful memoir of true recovery!

This is an amazing read! It’s a wonderful memoir of a military veteran’s struggle with addiction and his road to recovery! I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with addiction, or who has a loved one struggling with addiction. It takes a look into the addict’s perspective and allows the reader to understand the fight towards sobriety. Amazing!” – Amazon reviewer

“5.0 out of 5 stars 

Real Talk from somebody that’s battled addiction

Loved it!! But then my opinion is biased because I wrote it ❤️ This book saved me, and I hope it saves you too! Addiction is a beast, it’s powerful and doesn’t want to lose its power over you. Too many times during our active addiction we felt alone and hopeless, we were on the brink of giving up but when I say there is a way to get back our lives, to get back our families and to live a life free from our active addiction. I am living proof that no matter how far down you may be right now, you can beat this active addiction!! I believe in what I wrote will touch many people’s lives and help them get on the right path to recovery!! 😇”

“5.0 out of 5 stars 

I have a brother who has been an addict for probably close to it even exceeding 15 years. I’ve watched him do a downward spiral, losing all but his life, pretty much. I haven’t spoken to him in a few years because I really don’t get it, this book helps to see a few things from a different perspective that I never would have thought, thank you!!!! Congratulations on your sober journey this far.” – Amazon reviewer

“5.0 out of 5 stars 

Incredible book

This book is so inspiring! I love learning and understanding how people level up in their lives to make their lives better!” – Amazon reviewer

About the author….

Army Veteran JR Weaver Chronicles His Journey to Recovery in The Addiction Manifesto Talented author and army veteran, JR Weaver, shares his experience battling addiction in his book titled The Addiction Manifesto JR Weaver is an army veteran and person in long-term recovery who is passionate about the health and wellness of others as he is set to release his book titled The Addiction Manifesto. The author is looking to assist millions of people in different parts of the world through their journey to recovery as he details his experience and struggles with the hope of championing a global recovery revolution. Substance abuse and addiction remain a major plague that has continued to generate a lot of conversation across the globe due to its effect on people as well as its impact on the economies of nations. Unfortunately, recent statistics have shown a worrisome increase in the number of people suffering from addiction. According to a recent report published by the World Health Organization, about 270 million people, approximately 5.5% of the global population aged between 15 and 64, used psychoactive drugs with an estimated 35 million people suffering from drug use disorders and over 180 thousand deaths linked to drug use disorders in 2019. Unfortunately, many of the available addiction recovery resources are seemingly abstract, ultimately failing to yield the desired results. However, JR Weaver aims to change this narrative with the release of The Addiction Manifesto. The author personifies the recovery process, delivering an immersive experience to readers, as he writes about the trials and tribulations he faced during early recovery. JR Weaver aims to highlight the inherent powers of self-belief and how the personal desire to quit drug abuse remains the biggest obstacle to embracing a healthier, happier life. Published by Palmetto Publishing, The Addiction Manifesto initially started as a journal to help the author stay sober before he eventually decided to share his journey with the world as a self-help guide for persons in recovery as well as their loved ones. The book contains easy-to-implement yet effective tips that will help readers own their lives and become responsible members of the society. JR Weaver has already started to receive recognition from different quarters, emerging as a finalist at the 2020 International Book Awards in the Health: Addiction & Recovery category. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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